Our final show will be a performance and workshop with Jimmy Chapman of NRG Breakdancing

Get your tickets and get in on the all-ages fun! We've had a fabulous performance by The Fitzgeralds with a traditional welcome opening the show, and a comical and mesmerizing performance by Bob Cates (Comedy in Motion)! Our next show will dazzle, entertain, and include the audience! We love to share the many ways the performing arts come to life!

Along with the breakdancing performance you'll enjoy the workshop that will give the crowd some basic pointers on getting into the breakdancing groove.

See the performers in action on our Performances page or go straight to our Tickets page and reserve your spot to join us at the show.

Fun Theatre Performances Just For Kids

Our performances are held in the Bryan Jones Theatre at Lakefield College School. This is the perfect space for audiences of all ages to enjoy the show and allows a great view from any seat in the house. Seating is first come first serve. Plan to arrive at the show 15 minutes prior to start time.

Children’s Stage Lakefield is meant for kids and it is expected that children will wiggle and move and laugh out load. Often they will be encouraged to participate and interact with the artists on stage. The performers are all professionals that have lots of experience engaging a young audience.

See who we have lined up for this season or go right to our Tickets page and get your tickets for the season or for an individual show.

We have rescheduled our NRG Breakdancing Show and Workshop to this Sunday April 22. The show will still be at the Lakefield College School Gymnasium at 4pm. Get your tickets if you don't have yours yet! Dismiss